Is This The End?

As we begin creating content for our new podcast, blog, tv show we are transitioning over to the Drunk N Deviant site. While we won't be making new Sexfecta Podcasts Angela & I are still hosting the new podcast. We will still focus on exploring relationships and sexuality, BUT we are expanding it to also explore unique and alternative lifestyle people...however that unique or alternative might manifest in their lives. So, it could mean uncommon hobbies, entrepreneurs who made their own path, or just eccentric personalities!

We will be offering more varied content as well. Which means more blogs, more podcast content, and more guest hosts to keep conversation diverse. We will also be increasing our livestreams on our  Facebook Page

We will be reviewing different things on our blog... From beers, binge-worthy shows, and music. We will have guest contributors as well to learn more about their lifestyle. Plus, sometimes you want to read about interesting people so interviews will be available as well. 

We will be introducing a new monthly book club podcast to educate ourselves and possibly you on a variety of material. Our format will offer more variety each episode while still allowing us to have the bizarre conversations you have become used to.